Sequence Analysis

Level: Beginner.
Learning objectives:

Module Contents (tentative)

Alignment algorithms and tools for comparing and manipulating sequences

Learn the fundamentals of sequence alignment.

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Genome Assembly

Unlock the secrets of biotechnology with an all-encompassing journey from the fundamentals of sequence assembly to hands-on mastery using the Canu assembler. Learn to assemble bacterial genomes with precision, assess the quality of your genetic compilations with essential metrics, and transform raw data into a meticulously crafted genetic blueprint.

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Genotype Imputation Tutorial

Genotype imputation software tools are a game-changer for genetics research. Missing genetic data can be frustrating, especially when working with extensive datasets. Fortunately, genotype imputation software tools have made it much more manageable.

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The Complexity of Genomic Disorders: Understanding the Challenges

Explore the intricate world of genomic disorders, where tiny changes in our DNA can lead to complex health challenges. This module delves into the fascinating diversity of genomic alterations—from deletions to duplications—and their profound impacts on health, offering insights into the nuanced interplay between genetics and the environment in shaping these conditions. Unravel the mysteries of diagnosis and management in the dynamic landscape of genomic medicine.

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Types of biological sequences (e.g. DNA, RNA, proteins)
Representation and storage of sequences in databases
Sequence annotation and functional prediction