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Updated Career Outlook: Data and Bioinformatics Scientists to 2026 and Beyond. This comprehensive article delves into emerging trends, essential skills, and various career opportunities available in bioinformatics, providing valuable insights for students and professionals looking to navigate or advance their careers in this dynamic and interdisciplinary field.

Applications of bioinformatics in various fields. Bioinformatics applications use computational tools and methods to analyze biological data. These applications have a wide range of uses

Best bioinformatics tools for beginners. An overview of common bioinformatics tools and resources.


Timeline of coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. A detailed timeline of news related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is what coronavirus does to your body. In the beginning, when the viruses enter the body, one does not feel anything. Only after viruses have managed ...


See more like this on Encyclopedia COVID-19. An encyclopedia page dedicated to COVID-19 outbreak timeline, scientific facts, coronavirues related blogs, statistics, and news.


The Future is Bright For Data Scientists


Job outlook for bioinformaticians and data scientists to 2026

The predictions for the bright future of data scientists seem to hold. Our database contains a huge number of vacancies for data scientists and bioinformaticians. May 10th 9,711 vacant positions for data scientists and bioinformaticians in the US, and 8,510 vacancies in the UK. See also other countries select database.

Degree vs. Skills: Impact on salary


Hard statistics about skills degrees and wages

Degrees will definitively be necessary even in the future, but if data is the oil of the 21st century, skills seem to the currency ...


Database of Categorized Software Tools With Citations

We are currently curating our entire database with more than 20,000 bioinformatics related software tools published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. All free...

Tutorials and education

Bioinformatics and data science tutorials


The tutorials are free for any non-commercial purpose.

When we understand genetic sequences DNA, RNA and protein, plus how they relate to each other, how DNA acts as an information database on how to build all living things, we can start to ask deeper questions ...

University-level bioinformatics education


What does it take to become a bioinformatics professional?

Everything you need to know to become a bioinformatics scientist. More at "Degree in Bioinformatics (2020)" infographics ...

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