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Bioinformatics Home: Education and Interdisciplinary Blogs (2019)
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Amazing How Only Drop of Information Creates New Life
Will AI Make Us Absolutely Extinct?

Today, we are swamped with massive amounts of information from the internet, news, social media all around us. Perhaps we have some idea about what information is but haven't thought so much about it. We routinely search and consume information to solve problems and perhaps look for a recipe for an amazing breakfast or a solution to an algorithm.

Without data and information extracted from it, we are blindfolded and cannot do much of anything. Access to data is A and O to everybody today - big or small.

History of computing and genetics

The bold steps taken by great scientists to the unknown. From Mendel and Miescher to the birth of bioinformatics and the completion of the human genome. Roots and development of the field of bioinformatics.

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