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Timeline of coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. A detailed timeline of news related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Encyclopedia COVID-19. This is an encyclopedia page dedicated to COVID-19 outbreak timeline, scientific facts, blogs, statistics, and news.

COVID-19 Spread Statistics -Daily Update. We follow the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections, deaths, and recovered around the world. The pages include maps and plots.

Irrational fear of coronavirus triggers toilet paper panic buying. Is the run on toilet paper driven by COVID-19 a sign of coming flash crash of the world economy?

Coronavirus conspiracies. Should we believe in the many conspiracy theories about the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that are circulating around?

The predictions for the bright future of data scientists seem to hold. Our database at the end of December 2019 contains a colossal number of vacancies for data scientists and bioinformaticians. Over 45,000 vacant positions for data scientists and well over 3,000 bioinformatics positions in the US alone.

German economy suffering from a lack of skilled workers

As the competition of the skilled workforce is dramatically increasing, German Chancellor Angela Merkel applauded the plan to recruit outside the EU as a "paradigm shift" and "It's not only us who are looking at the world's professionals," she added. Germany plans to ... Read more.

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How Much Does Pure Information Weight?

How many grams of information is needed to make a human?

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What is a Genome?

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The Definition of Bioinformatics

Whenever someone asks what do I do, my reply is that "I am a scientist and do research in bioinformatics". In cases when I get a return question "what is that?" my answer usually is "that means that I do biology using computers." and the uninitiated will usually be satisfied with this simple explanation. Read more ...

Speaking Bioinformatics

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Discussion in the Language of Bioinformatics. The language barrier bioinformaticians need to break and act as the glue across disciplines. From article "The Future is Bright For Data Scientists."