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Exhaustive Registry of Life Science Software Tools

Bioinformatics Database contains details of Life Science software tools and databases, including bioinformatics, healthcare, biological, biomedical, and biotechnology. The details consist of concise descriptions, downloads, contact information, links to documentation, data sources, and scientific journal publications for each tool. Our database contains a wide range of tools, ranging from legacy bioinformatics tools (e.g., Celera assembler) that seldom get used anymore but provide insights on subsequent tools based on it, to the latest published tools. The implementation of an intelligent search function on our comprehensive and categorized information of bioinformatics tools enables users to quickly identify the capabilities of software tools and download them.

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Resources for the study of genes and heredity in living organisms. They provide analytical approaches for studying gene structure, genetic variation, the regulation of gene expression and the relationships between organism genotype and phenotype.

Nucleic acids

Resources for the processing and analysis of nucleic acid sequence, structural and other data. They provide analytical methods to interpret and explore nucleic acid sequence and structural data in context of gene structure, genetic variation, and the regulation of gene expression.


Resources for the processing and analysis of the collective characterisation and quantification of pools of biological molecules that translate into the structure, function, and dynamics of an organism or organisms.