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Database of Categorized Software Tools With Citations

Database of Categorized Software Tools With Citations

We are currently curating our entire database with more than 13,000 bioinformatics related software tools published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Hopefully, we can finish the curation and get it online in a not too distant future.

300 Free Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) Analysis Tools

103 Free Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) Tools

In bioinformatics, multiple sequence alignment means an alignment of more than two DNA, RNA, or protein sequences and is one of the oldest problems in computational biology.

One often used strategy is to minimize the number of mismatches, insertions, and deletions in the alignment, and we can use the Dynamic Programming (DP) algorithm to compute an optimal alignment.

Unfortunately, the Dynamic Programming algorithm is computationally feasible only for a small number of sequences; Therefore, DP is only used to compute pairwise alignments. See our online tool that computes the number of possible alignments between two sequences.

The purpose of multiple sequence alignments can be sequence comparison, assessment of data quality, prediction of protein and RNA structures, database searching, and phylogenetic analysis.

158 Free Copy Number Variation (CNV) Analysis Tools

DNA copy number variation (CNV) is an important source of genetic variation. Array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) is still widely in use for CNV detection, but the microarray platform has many inherent limitations.

88 Free Whole Genome Assembly (WGA) Analysis Tools

Genome assembly tools from error correction, trimming, contig assembly, scaffolding, and consensus building are covered here. This site also includes assembly evaluation tools and targeted assembly of particular regions of the genome.

78 Free Genotype Imputation Tools

564 Free RNA-seq and scRNA-seq Analysis Tools.

We have categorized RNA-seq tools related to analysis workflows. So, this is also a taxonomy of RNA-seq tools.

100+ Free genome-wide association study (GWAS) Tools

63 Free Proteomics Tools - Software and Resources

In-house Software Tools

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