PhyloMAd is a software tool for the assessment of phylogenomic model adequateness. The PhyloMAd algorithm uses IQ-TREE for Maximum Likelihood inference, parametric bootstrap simulations and various standard statistical tests. The package includes functions assessing substitution saturation by measuring entropy, phylogenetic tree topology signal strengths, and accuracy of number and clock mode


Phylogenomics;Phylogenetics;Evolutionary biology;Statistics and probability


  • Operation: Phylogenetic tree analysis

  • Software interface: Library

  • Language: R

  • License: GNU General Public License v3

  • Cost: Free

  • Version name: -

  • Credit: The Australian Research Council, McKenzie Fellowship from the University of Melbourne.

  • Input: -

  • Output: -

  • Contact: David A Duchêne

  • Collection: -

  • Maturity: -


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