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Phobos is a tool to detect tandem repeats in genomic sequences. This tool can find repeated units that are longer than 5,000 base pairs in length. Phobos is also well suited for primer design purposes using minisatellites and long sequences repeated in tandem. Phobos software is available by request from Christoph Mayer.


Primers; DNA


  • Operation: Search
  • Software interface: Command-line interface, Graphical user interface
  • Language: TCL
  • Operating system: Linux; Mac OS X; Microsoft Windows
  • License: Other
  • Cost: -
  • Version name: 3.3.12
  • Maturity: Mature
  • Credit: The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.
  • Contact: Christoph Mayer c.mayer.zfmk _at_
  • Collection: -


Kraemer L, Beszteri B, Gäbler-Schwarz S, Held C, Leese F, Mayer C, Pöhlmann K, Frickenhaus S "STAMP: Extensions to the STADEN sequence analysis package for high throughput interactive microsatellite marker design." BMC Bioinformatics 2009
PMID: 19183437
PMCID: PMC2644677

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