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A tool to identify Single nucleotide polymorphism in wholle genome sequencing data.


Biology, Genetics, Genetic variation, DNA polymorphism


  • Operation: Annotation, Sequence annotation, SNP annotation
  • Software interface: Command-line interface
  • Language: Python
  • Operating system: Linux
  • License: Other
  • Cost: Free for non-commercial use
  • Version name: 1.0.0
  • Credit: Jason TravisJason Travis, David Smith, Jason Sahl
  • Contact: dengelthaler at
  • Collection: -


Sahl JW, Lemmer D, Travis J, Schupp JM, Gillece JD, Aziz M, Driebe EM, Drees KP, Hicks ND, Williamson CHD, Hepp CM, Smith DE, Roe C, Engelthaler DM, Wagner DM, Keim P "NASP: an accurate, rapid method for the identification of SNPs in WGS datasets that supports flexible input and output formats." Microb Genom 2016; 2(8):e000074
PMID: 28348869
PMCID: PMC5320593

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