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A pipeline for analysing pooled next generation sequencing data. It calculates Tajima’s Pi, Watterson’s Theta and Tajima’s D.


Population genetics, Genetics


  • Operation: Genetic variation analysis
  • Software interface: Command-line interface
  • Language: Perl, R
  • Operating system: Linux, Mac OS X
  • License: Not stated
  • Cost: Free
  • Version name: 1.2.2
  • Credit: Kofler R. Orozco-terWengel P. de Maio N. Pandey R.V. Nolte V. Futschik A. Kosiol C. Schlotterer C.
  • Contact: Robert Kofler rokofler at
  • Collection: -


Kofler R, Orozco-terWengel P, De Maio N, Pandey RV, Nolte V, Futschik A, Kosiol C, Schlötterer C "PoPoolation: a toolbox for population genetic analysis of next generation sequencing data from pooled individuals." PLoS ONE 2011; 6(1):e15925
PMID: 21253599
PMCID: PMC3017084

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