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A tool for genotype imputation. The STITCH algorithm works without reference panels and models chromosomes as a mosaic of unknown founders or ancestral haplotypes.


Population genetics


  • Operation: Imputation
  • Input: BAM, VCF
  • Output: -
  • Software interface: Command-line user interface; Library
  • Language: R
  • Operating system: Linux; Mac OS X; Microsoft Windows
  • License: GNU General Public License v3
  • Cost: Free
  • Version name: 1.6.2
  • Maturity: Stable
  • Credit: Wellcome Trust
  • Contact: Robert W. Davies rwdavies _at_
  • Collection: -


Davies RW, Flint J, Myers S, Mott R "Rapid genotype imputation from sequence without reference panels." Nat Genet. 2016 Aug;48(8):965-969.
PMID: 27376236
PMCID: PMC4966640

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