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Phylo is a web-based tool to optimize multiple sequence alignment (MSA) of DNA using humans' ability to recognize patterns. Phylo represents a multiple sequence alignment as a puzzle, a game where users manipulate colored shapes. The approach does not require extensive prior knowledge of biology.


Sequence analysis; Nucleic acids


  • Operation: Multiple sequence alignment; Sequence alignment; Multiple sequence alignment
  • Software interface: Web user interface; mobile app
  • Language: -
  • Operating system: Linux; Mac OS X; Microsoft Windows
  • License: Not stated
  • Cost: Free
  • Version name: -
  • Maturity: Stable
  • Credit: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada;McGill University;Nokia.
  • Contact: blanchem _at_ | jeromew _at_
  • Collection: -


Kawrykow A, Roumanis G, Kam A, Kwak D, Leung C, Wu C, Zarour E; Phylo players, Sarmenta L, Blanchette M, WaldispĆ¼hl J "Phylo: a citizen science approach for improving multiple sequence alignment." PLoS One. 2012;7(3):e31362.
PMID: 22412834
PMCID: PMC3296692

Kwak D, Kam A, Becerra D, Zhou Q, Hops A, Zarour E, Kam A, Sarmenta L, Blanchette M, WaldispĆ¼hl J "Open-Phylo: a customizable crowd-computing platform for multiple sequence alignment." Genome Biol. 2013;14(10):R116.
PMID: 24148814
PMCID: PMC4014878

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